Retrieves a list of hardware capabilities for the gateway.

As the gateway becomes more integrated and more features become available, this endpoint allows clients to adapt and check the gateway has a feature they need or if there might be some kind of fault.

It is recommended to check the capabilities for any abnormalities before allowing the user to operate the client application.

GET /api/v2/capabilities

Lists available capabilities relating to hardware functionality as well as any possible faults that might occur.


API will return an array of capabilities under a property called "capabilities":

nameCapability name.String
existsWhether capability exists.Boolean
reasoningWhy a capability may not exist. If it does, the reasoning will be nullString or null


200 OK

  "status": 200,
  "returnCode": 4,
  "capabilities": [
      "name": "zigbee",
      "exists": true,
      "reasoning": null